The cheat hackers 'ruining' gaming for others – BBC News

Hackers around the world, often teenagers, are making thousands by creating and selling games cheats to a growing market.

The most recent survey suggests that around a third of gamers admit to using them to improve their chances online.

Cyber-security reporter Joe Tidy went to play a game with a cheat hacker to find out how the 17-year-old makes thousands of dollars a month through his underground business.

Last week, in China, four alleged hackers were arrested for similar offences.

Cyber-security reporter: Joe Tidy

Video journalist: Harriet Bradshaw

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  1. Cheaters just prove how meaniless these games our to me when I waste my time getting something they can get for a second id rather do something more constructive than play game for hours on end

  2. Nothing can be done to stop cheater of hackers, there will always be hackers and cheaters worldwide… It's a huge cartel, and it's worst than drugs. Mind you go solo

  3. Fucked up cuz one of the admins got me banned they got me fucked up a lot of the top tier players in warzone use these bs hacks

  4. I highly recommend syborg_toolz on instagram he fixed mine facebook, twitter, amazon, microsoft, insta, snap chat. Very perfectly.I suggest everyone to reach out to him

  5. F—–g cheaters man they are everywhere. I was playing Ghosts the other day believe it or not, and some little f–k had put himself inside the wall on Stonehaven Map. Ya know where the gates are that fall shut if you shoot at em, he was at the far side of that court yard stuck inside a window hole firing out at everybody while we were playing infected. I mean cmon son, that people still cheat in Ghosts in 2021 is a total wonder in its self, but rest assured they still are. Cheaters are everywhere and I am afraid that they ain't doing enough, and it's been that way since I can remember. Companies make billions but they still cannot nail down the cheaters, what a cumber to say the least.

  6. Cheating is fun; after all, it's only a game. If you choose to take it as anything more than a game, and therefore have your experience ruined, then it isn't really the cheater's fault since losing in a game is equally as frustrating. I would go as far as to praise cheats for helping people focus more in life rather than in a video game meant for entertainment.

  7. Lock all of the cheaters up and slap them with a fine and a ban from a computer or console device.

  8. "Watch as this e sports star tries to delete the evidence" BRUH you can't delete that digital information. People can easily get it back. All it takes is a few minutes and bam. The evidence is recovered.

  9. You can get in trouble for selling cheats and rarely get into trouble for making them, but if you just download some, it's ok. The worst that can happen is a ban. There is no law saying "if you download cheats for a game, you will get fined or arrested"

  10. It's over 2021 cheaters have wreaked any fps! Don't bother playing with cheaters! They need your attention so stop playing! Sue the people who are getting harassed your consumers??!! Reward cheating and the end of fps in 2021! I'm done supporting hackers! I'm bored with the outcomes of fps! Same shit another day! Boring!!

  11. I feel like some hackers I just wanna get to know better…because I feel like how people cheat is more about frustrating the other people and sometimes that isn't the case…however these "kids" who "buy" the cheats and hacks are just looking for trouble and definitely don't care about the well-being of the game…

    People who MAKE the cheats are usually the people who love figuring the softwares' and applications' codes out to strengthen their's

  12. So we know where the hackers are but we dont want to do anything? I didn't have to listen to this to know they are pieces of shit who need to find something besides videogames this video was just to piss me off more…

  13. Everyone knows that the biggest problem, is the website, everyone knows that the hacker cheater programs are there, but nobody bans that, the developers themselves should have access to it before the players, and do an anti cheater before of the site being able to profit, in addition to ending most problems in games, would inhibit new hacker programs, the developers, should be spies on these sites, after all, some disgruntled former employee, may even be working on it, or even dishonest developers, that would profit from both sides of the game.

  14. My 600million in my gta5 account was def not cheated.. no. Also anyone thinking that it’s a good idea to cheat in money, don’t it ruins the game so much u don’t understand.

  15. People always hate on cheaters but they keep shoveling money into GTX 360s and DLCs. They are addicts and the industry knows this.

  16. Exploiting are just playing the game their way, you play your way they play theirs like fvck off. A all gamers will tell you that it feels amazing killing someone with hax cos like u thin to urself wow I killed someone that needed hacks to win lmao

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