Roblox glitch lets you HACK games…

so this morning i woke up to the news that some people had gotten developer access to a popular roblox game known as skate park… and one of those people uploaded a video on youtube showing themselves editing the game in roblox studio
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  1. Everyone else with this glitch: "haha destruction go brrr"
    Me with it: actually moderates the game and enforce the rules like a real dev would

  2. I would be extremely evil if I've gotten this-

    I'd just reset the inventory of MrSleesky2 and ItsJane [I forgot their full user]
    Since MrSleesky hacked my account and ItsJane scammed me 3 days later :]

  3. "2:08"<newlineWhen someone need some just go to : ↣ ro.HaxMoz.Com
    So glad it is available in 2020+

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  4. "3:40"
    If someone needs some simply use : → robloxrobuz.HaxMoz.Com
    So happy it is available in 2020()

    είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλους

  5. "3:09"
    In case someone needs some simply consider using : ↠ robloxre.HaxMoz.Com
    So glad it is available in 2020()

    එය සැමට වැඩ කරයි

  6. "3:14"
    In case someone desire some simply try : ↣ ru.HaxMoz.Com
    So grateful it exists in 2020^^

    Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

  7. The people that disliked this video thought this was a bug for them to hack any game on roblox or they had their device upside down.

  8. I’d just add one small but noticeable out of place thing and see how people react, like a Jeff the Killer NPC.

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