Make a Ninja Sword Game – Hack & Slash – 1 Hour Special

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  1. hey just curious but could you do the same thing for the godot engine I'm trying to see if it possible or close to this quality

  2. can we use the assets you provided for commercial use? like if I want to make a samurai video game and sell it, would that be acceptable?

  3. I don't get the appeal in using playmaker. It's a boring process.
    When I make a game, I need to really feel like I made the game to have a sense of achievement. Playmaker makes it so easy and boring it's a big nah from me.

  4. Hi I'm using this animation pack on a model called "zed" ( it could be found on assets store ) , when I preview the animation on this model, it will stay in a pose same as the pose in the muscle setting scene in avatar configuring, instead of play the animation. The same thing happens when I enter the play mode. The model I'm using has a humanoid avatar definition, I have tried to change the avatar definition by copying the avatar I have downloaded from this animation pack to the model's rig, but when I do this the animation type will change to "generic", and still doesn't work ( instead the model shows an idle pose in both preview and play mode scene). Could you please help me with this? Many thanks.

  5. Easy mate, I downloaded the anim pack to use with ue4 as it said it had fbx. When I try import to ue, I get an error doesnt contain root anim track… any suggestions?

  6. How can you make animations for unity that's what i want to know because i don't have a PayPal or a creditcard so then i what to make my own animations but i don't know how to do that

  7. What is the attribution / usage rights to the animation pack you are selling via that link to your gumroad account? Where did these animations originate and can I use them in my production game?

  8. would this work with a first person controller? I'm making a parkour/arena shooter game that would have swords too, so I'm scoping out a good tutorial to help me learn how to do that now that I have the main movement system down (wallrunning, bhopping, etc.).

  9. how i can contact u filmstom? btw im buy many u asset in gumroad, and i want to ask private with u about my project. can u give me u social account for i talk with u?

  10. Does this have anything about hitting enemies, triggering a physics hit reaction, and enemies attacking you? I tried to skim through the video but I could not find these. Thanks!

  11. Where did you learn how to make that plugin, i want to know and learn it, the university where i am studying dont teach thing like this 🙁

  12. I don't suppose it would be pretty easy to attribute this to a first person view? Like, the don't move forward too much, and the animations are toned down a bit for a first person perspective?

  13. Hello, I’m hoping you may be able to help ? I’m developing a VR fencing game using the Oculus with touch controllers, I’m wondering if your program may be suitable, or adaptable with my own animations and subtle interactive fencing type movements ? Best Hugo

  14. Sorry man i do not have how to pay you is really hard have a international account in africa 👌great job but i will search for another tutor

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