Love Island The Game: How To Hack Gems & Passes 2021 [iOS/Android]

Hello You! Do you need some extra resources for your favorite game? We present this Love Island hack that can be used for adding free Gems and Passes to your game almost instantly. How it’s possible? Well, we made Love Island online cheat and place it on our server. Everything you need to do is connect to that server and follow the steps from the video above. One more important thing – You can use these on Android and iOS devices but on PC too. I hope you enjoyed my video, if so, press subscribe and like button! Have fun!

New interactive game features

– Play over 150 episodes spread across two entirely unique reality tv seasons!
– Crack on and couple up with a wide selection of boy and girl characters
– Build a collection of hot outfits with our new wardrobe choices
– Finished the story? Not a problem, go back and re-live your interactive stories to make different choices

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  1. thanks for taking away from your time to make this video, Ive been scammed few times myself until I saw this, I will subscribe

  2. I have tried many tutorials on the web but never got anything. This is the first time I got almost max amount

  3. First time I bought resources till I find this guy! You save me a lot of money and thank you for this

  4. I would like to send you a message on channel. Would you respond? And thank you for free resources

  5. Hey mate, I know you for two years now. Do you remember me? I was making channel arts for your. HMU Great app btw

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