I made a Pokemon Rom Hack Back in High School! – Pokemon Super Scarlet

Today, I’ll be showing you my Pokemon Fire Red Rom Hack Pokemon Super Scarlet version that I made while I was in high school!

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► Pokemon Rom Hacking has always been something I have been interested in, and today I’ll be showing you the hack I worked the most on – Pokemon Super Scarlet! This game has never been released to the public before (because I suck at rom hacking lol) but I thought it would be fun to show it to you and talk about it!
Pokemon Fire Red for Game boy advance was used as the base for this game, and has lots of features like Sinnoh pokemon!

–►Careless Whisper – George Michaels

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  1. Dude you should make a rom hacking tutorial! i started making a pokemon rom hack but it was really crazy and i couldnt figure out any scripting. the tutorial i tried to follow was really complex, so i just couldnt see what i had to do :/

  2. Hey PokeTips, you may have heard some people comment this, its a bit of a late response from me but theres a thing you can do called IPS patching, which would allow you to distribute the game in the form of a patch file, that way you are only distributing a file that contains the modifications to the game, from there people that want to try the game out would need to apply it to their own rom/copy of firered etc.

  3. Totally Sword and Shield only on GameBoy. Concept copied by Game Freak. Mike should have taken copyright claim so that we could get a better game than sword and shield lol.

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