How To Hack Your Sony PSP To Play Downloaded Games From SD Cards ( Tutorial ) 6.61 Firmware

In this tutorial, I show you how to hack your Sony PSP to enable you to play downloaded games from an SD card. ( Play Station Portable )

Official 6.61 Firmare:
6.61 PRO-C Firmware:
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  1. I did everything but when the game shows up on the psp it says file corrupt plz help

  2. It does work for me, just search in the Internet for a new 6.61 Firmware update and then youre good to go !

  3. Hi, thanks for the C pro update file. Placed it on my PSP 3000 model (Piano black) through trial and error actually 🤭, I was able to play some retro downloaded games from the net like CREATURE defense, Loco Roco, Obscure aftermath, Megaman maverick etc. But how come games like Castlevania chronicle X, Bombermanland, Jetpack Joyride — just they "hung" when the game starts – says in the screen "press start", but I've tried every button , but the game wont start / open. Any recommendations pls? leave a workable comment , appreciate it much

  4. i have a kingston adapter and a micro sd, i can use the adapter for modify the sd or i have to buy another adapter?

  5. So I bought games just to learn it's FREE and easy to mod…wow (just realized I sound like an ad bot but I'm not lol)

  6. I have been tearing my hair out trying to get my psp 1001 Pro C to recognize a 256 GB single SD card. I have tried many cards and no success. I hear other people have been able to do it.

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