GameGuardian Beginner Tutorial – How to Hack Android Games using Game Guardian APK 2020

Download GameGuardian:
This is a simple beginner level tutorial on how to use GameGuardian to hack simply Android mobile games. This will work on offline games only. Do not use Game Guardian on online games or you will get banned.

GameGuardian is the Cheat Engine of Android, the premier memory editor for Android games and allows you to hack money values, health, speedhacks and more easily.

Topics covered in the video:
– Download and installation
– Simply memory value scans
– Speedhacks
– Using GameGuardian safely
– Unknown initial value scans

Emulators you can use if you want no root:
No root tutorial and game guardian scripts will come in later videos.

GameGuardian is currently the best memory editor / game hacking app for Android.


  1. I have a problem.
    So I installed game guardian and parallel space lite and I use it on Jurassic World The Game, at first it was really good but after a little bit when I open game guardian and then open the game it starts for 5 seconds then it crashes.
    What do I do?

  2. Thx man this really helped most videos would be to much for me to understand and also too fast

  3. question do you have a video that tells you how to get lot of gems ( paid currency gem) to used. i was wondering there a video for GG that has where you can raise the currency of it. if so can someone give me detail or a video that knows how to .

  4. Reason being the game mostly focus on the stuff that the players would really want and make sure they protect it wit everything they can

  5. Great video man! I’m about to go to school for cyber security and love figuring this stuff out. I used to hack a mobile game called sims buildit. I would find ways to hack it (online) and report it. EA has now figured out how to find those modifying the values. Although when you say all online games are impossible to hack is not entirely true. I can still to this day hack the coin in sims build it. Most of the other stuff you cannot now though.

  6. Works no root with me…..
    No am kidding i know how to hack the games but it does not get any results
    But i know to to hack games with gameguardian just that it does not give result on my phone

    To unban yourself and retore then
    Type "(unban mod for angry brids)"
    Then you know how to do it do it

  7. Any advice on how to hack a luck-based/variable-based Android game? For example, a game where you collect resources but the drop rates are fixed to where useless items drop rarely but it forces to keep spending and spending to get rarer items. Is there a way to hack that process?

  8. Thank you! I am grateful that you take to me to explain! Most of the tutorials are too fast for me😕

  9. U can hack online games with game guardian. I had hack one online game. And also save in my Google account

  10. Says you can hack online games but now says you cant because it's a server sided not client sided?? Hmmm bro then we dont need root

  11. Hey how can you tell if the currency is encrypted or not? I’m trying to mod the gold on highrise and every time I think I’ve found the gold value I noticed that the address and the data type is different. Can you help me?

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