Game.Hack Season 1 Episode 6 – PS2 Power Connector

What does it take to get a $20 PlayStation 2? A bit of soldering experience!

This week, Zero does a tear down on the slim line ps2, and shows how to repair a very common electronics problem: the loose power connector.

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  1. Ten years later and this video is still useful. My PS2 slim developed this problem once about 5 years ago, my dad patched it up this way. Now, it needs patching up again. Seems like the PS2 needs maintenance about twice a decade.

  2. Thanks mate, got the same model with same problem, will fire up the soldering iron later , thanks again!

  3. so glad to see that this is a far more common problem than I originally thought back in the day

  4. my ps2 has made circular scratches on 3 of my favorite games, SNK Anthology, Metal Slug Anthology, and Capcom Classics 2, is there an easy fix for this? I thought of purchasing a new lens ribbon on ebay, is that the way to go?

  5. On mine i press the button and the red light goes off then shows again !!

  6. The internals of AC adapters themselves are pretty much all alike. You have a transformer which is a big heavy part with coils. These rarely if ever fail, but it's possible. Then you have a handful of components, usually the rectifier and a few capacitors and resistors to keep the energy output under control and help prevent runaways on the current. If any of the components fail it should be fairly obvious then you can replace components as necessary. Getting the thing apart… heh…

  7. That's basically a trouble shooting problem. If things fail, first thing you do is start at the beginning with the adapter itself, check the ac cord's conductivity, then plug everything in and check the barrel plug for the voltage listed on the pack, DO NOT CHECK FOR AMPS WITHOUT PUTTING A LOAD ON THE CIRCUIT! and from there start checking components within the unit until the problem comes up. If it's the AC adapter, unless it's something obvious you simply need a new one.

  8. after a bit of research I'm getting that this is caused by a blown fuse.

    You'll need a multimeter in continuity mode

    PS1, PS2, PS17, PS8, PS13, PS6, PS15, PS3, PS7, PS11, PS14, PS4, PS5 and power fuse F001.

  9. That sounds like another problem. The red light never goes out… so that's probably not a bad power adapter socket. That actually sounds like a problem with either a capacitor, another discreet component, or something far more serious. Researching this right now.

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