Friday night funkin' but the funk is gone

Friday night sadness… Welcome to a odd Friday night funkin mod called Everywhere at the end of funk. There is no GF and the Bf is big sad

Get it here –
Friday night funkin but bad –


  1. trending heyyyyy! be sure to check out the creator of the mods in the description because they get updated!

  2. The funk is gone bod is after the corruption. Boyfriend became uncorrupted but he couldn’t save his friends in time along with his girlfriend

  3. If you look in the Friday night funkin but bad mod the Christmas one has Kirby pump and pumps mom and Lemon demon in the back

  4. You said the song reminds you of the old memories then Kieth is singing the song to remember everything.

  5. Fun fact the song at the beginning of the first mod is from everything at the end of time, a dementia album

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