Flash Game Hack – How to cheat in flash games

a lil demo/tutorial on how to flash games (ones that you can play online. like onemorelevel.com)
all flash games seem to act like this one.



  1. wow you make hacking look simple xD. can you try hacking runescape and make it to where you click something get gp? sorta like in this video?

  2. question:
    i tampered my score in an online flash game sort of competition thingy just to find out that 2 other fellas did the same thing. is there any way i can try and keep my score the highest whatever they try to do?
    i don't want to keep raising it because it will look suspicious because there's kind of a logical limit to how far you can score in this game.plus i need to win the prize real bad lol
    i have 18 more days.
    any help is of great aid to me.

  3. what a waste, i endured that Messed uo Tutorial and all it really does is hack flashgames.. cant do anymore ^^ WIN

  4. do you have to multiply the value with 8 in every flashgame? and for everything? (gold, lives, etc)

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