Dig Dug Arcade Game Scoring Hack! | Tips & Tricks

Dig Dug is a long-time arcade favorite that Jon’s been playing for decades, but today he learned something new — the scoring when you over-inflate the bad guys isn’t random, but very predictable! Watch for a great Dig Dug scoring hack that just might help you send your high scores into the stratosphere!

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  1. I'm going to discreetly thank you for beating my older family's scores. Don't tell anyone I was here.

  2. I was just on YouTube looking for an older school Dig Dug commercial and came across this. I never knew about the levels, awesome tip thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the game. It's one of my favorites, but who knew that a guy was thinking about a game where you inflate creatures with an air pump, until they explode, would make for a fun game.

  4. Thank you! I’ve been a Dig Dug fan since I first played it at Chuck E. Cheese back when I was a kid but I never knew this! I’ve been trying to beat my high score on my DD countercade the past few days and now I have a new trick in my arsenal!

  5. Showing you mad love from Vegas man 🙏🏻 Started playing dig dug bringing back nostalgia 🔥 Now my family can’t beat my score 😂

  6. Thanks so much for this! I just got the Arcade 1Up Pacman 8 in 1 partycade, and it has Dig Dug in it!

  7. These arcade games are tougher than most modern day videogames. I have lots of respect for the previous generations who spent their money to learn and get better at these ridiculous games! We truly got it easy these days being able to buy the full game, alter its settings and practice as much as we want without paying a single penny!

  8. Damn, I never knew the scoring system relies on the earth level depth. I’ve played Dig Dug many times on my Switch and Arcade1up counter, and I used to thought that the scoring works by pump wire distant, but now I seem to get everything now. Also, I never knew you can score high while facing horizontally against a Fygar. Thanks for the tip since I’m an gamer looking for tricks in stacking up the high score. ^.^

  9. I always wondered about the last monster running away at the end and if you get extra for killing it or a bonus of any kind since the level bends either way

  10. Dammit. I thought everyone already knew this. Still pretty cool for those who didn't. Yes, definitely always kill a Fygar on the lowest level when you can for the 1,000 points, unless maybe you can use him to set up a triple- or quadruple- kill with a rock.

    Another tip, especially on the higher levels where the monsters are lightening fast, wait until you kill the second-to-last monster until the last one is as deep and as far to the right as possible. That way, when the last monster flees, you'll have more time to drop a second rock and grab the bonus object when it appears in the middle of the screen.

    You guys did know that the bonus appears after the second rock drops, right?

  11. This arcade i play at has a 1st place score of 400,000 and it says level 1…. What kind of glitch is that? Makes me sad because i can only take 2nd place..
    Thanks for the score tips! Had zero clue! Sunbcribed!

  12. I've been playing that game for over 30 years and never understood the scoring until this video. Damn.

  13. This video is stupid it's not a hack so why say that and it's also knowledge that's been out there for a long time.

  14. Hey Jon,
    I have a question. You spent a lot of time on Mur's blog about putting roms on the Legends Flashback Deluxe. I was wondering if you have found out how to put other roms on it other than sega, nes, and snes. Also, It seems to me that the Atare Flashback Gold ought to be able to work with more than a26, like the roms for 5200, and the higher atari systems. What do you think? Mur said on his video that there was more to come on the subjece but it looks like he is spending his time with the wii at this point.

  15. I've just got it from a 3-pack in ps4 and man it's just as good as I remember. long live Dig Dug!

  16. This is a situation where the Atari 2600 user manual was actually useful…it specifically stated that enemies killed on lower levels of the screen were worth more points.

  17. I had a book that showed basics on 80's video games  so I knew about the scoring by depth. Always been a research-guy so all that "useless" knowledge I read in the 80's till now has some use!

  18. I’m 14 and got a vintage NES gaming console. I’m pretty happy with it and dig dug is overall my favorite of the 600 games loaded on it. I didn’t know this and will use it to my advantage when playing against my brother.

  19. When it comes to Dig Dug, one of the most EPIC and ICONIC classic games of all-time, there is no such thing as uselessmeaningless trivia or information. I've been playing that game ever since it first appeared in the arcades and never knew you'd score higher if you killed the enemies at lower levels. Thanks for the tip, good stuff indeed!

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