Crossfire NA/UK HACK GAME ( Đột Kích ) 2.0 : Scorpion Evo 3a1 Ambition – Hero Mode X – Zombie V4

I Really Some New Weapons For Record , If Anyone Has It .
Let Me Borrow I Play (Crossfire NA , Crossfire Brazil )
Please Inbox My Facebook Right Here :


  1. Is that a new hacker all i remember when i was on computer i saw a guy play this game but he got wallbang thru the wall in the spawn

  2. Hello! How do you increase the amount of your ammo? I watched your videos and you always get unlimited ammo.

  3. Я из России, и играю в русскую локализацию Crossfire. Не знаю почему, но смотрю этот канал. Привет автору 👍

  4. that's the reason why cross fire is like a dead game, there are a lot of cheaters, in Indonesia it used to be quite crowded, but because cheater became quiet players

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