Cagliari 1-3 Juventus | Ronaldo Secures A First-Half Hat-Trick | Serie A TIM

Ronaldo scores his second Serie A TIM hat-trick in first-half against Cagliari | Serie A TIM

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  1. лучше бы ты так в лч показывал на камеру жесты свои вшивые )

  2. If only this could have happened on Wednesday last week on their home turf! Where they won, drew and lost at the same time…

  3. LOL…. How shame this league… They have italian language but they used english language for commenting their league….

  4. was hoping he scores another one and make new record but this hattrick was enough to silenced his haters for a while. Now haters gonna make excuse

  5. What's embarrassing is this was not a Juventus masterclass. Only Ronaldo and Sczeny showed up. Pirlo's side should've scored 5-6 goals to show they've bounced back from the Porto defeat but they haven't. The second half was poor and they could've conceded more from Cagliari if it wasn't for the Juve keeper. The Bianconeri are dead and Ronaldo is not to be blamed for this.

  6. On 0-1, Ronaldo had to be expelled for a kick in the face of goalkeeper, but that’s not important because he’s Ronaldo…

  7. World's best player for a reason age matters in football i will see who will score that much goal in 36+ age

  8. The amount of money Ronaldo has generated for Serie A and juventus is unbelievable. There’s 2.1 million views on this vid. And I bet you if Ronaldo wasn’t playing it would’ve been around 120k views or something like that

  9. Alex Sandro leaving his line led to Juve conceding a goal. When will they stop making mistakes like that.

  10. ➡770 official Career Goals
    ➡3rd hat-trick for juventus (atletico madrid,cagliari,cagliari)
    ➡95th goal for juventus
    Mashallah 💗

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