15 Ways You Could Cheat In WWE Games

Here’s a look back at 15 ways that you were allowed to cheat in WWE Games. This means the classic heel cheating, and not video game style cheat codes just to clear that up.

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  1. Thanks for watching. Before anyone wonders why, I just wanted to clear up that I'll be doing a mix of videos that are voiced and non voiced. The usual list videos will always be voiced but the gameplay ones like this won't be because I feel it's better to have the game audio for these. Just wanted to clear that up. Hope you all enjoyed this look back! Which cheat was your favourite in the video? Let me know in the replies.

  2. I used to get win by dq in SD SYM and HTCP by lean the table (search the table from the ringside that facing the entrance way) to the corner, I run to the table over and over until the opponent doing a grapple and slam me to the table. It's an easy dq win.

  3. I remember I used to abuse the crap out of the ref shield feature it made most matches easy and fun to mess around with especially when the ref is down and you try to hit your opponents with a chair for an easy win

  4. In hctp, put a table at the corner then you can run yourself into the table. Wait for the opponent to grab you and he will get dq because of using the table as a weapon lol

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