10 Modern Games With Crazy CHEAT CODES

Games haven’t really been big into a good cheat code in quite a while, but some won’t let the tradition fall off. These modern games do not disappoint with cheat codes.
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  1. I just wish doom eternal wasn't a mess with game pass. Also requiring the download of the MP even if you only want the campaign is supid. it's not dlc. it's the campaigh.

  2. You didn’t call out Berserk mode in Eternal. It only works for some levels because it just makes you always in berserk mode, which wouldn’t work in all levels

  3. Uhh fallout and skyrim have mods on console.
    I usually bash on PlayStation at this point cause they cant do as much as xbox and pc with modding Bethesda games (thats why there's less mods on ps4)
    But most of the mods on ps4 are just mods that are like cheats, things like godmode and stuff.
    They can only use assets that are in the game.
    Xbox has access to abit more, but is still limited by its power.
    But still worth a mention in the video in my opinion.
    (And i cant emphasise enough that im not a fan of PlayStation at all, but im still saying that version of fallout 4 and skyrim is worth a mention as well)

  4. Been ahead of every game and been moving pass any stage swiftly since I met WHITELARZ on Instagram… gives me free cheat code for affordable fees… guys you should patronize him

  5. you said the word quake but i dont think you mentioned that it has cheats well i know quake 2 has cheats but also half life has cheats

  6. for me the best cheats were in gta:sa. buy my two favourites were stateofemergency and chittychittybangbang.

  7. I would much rather listen to this guy than falcon and his monotone droning on. I skip almost every video he does.

  8. Should clear this up; Console commands are cheats, cheats were use developer actions that were used to test things and left in for the players to have fun with. Console commands are literally the same thing but far more advanced and flexible. They are cheats 😛 They're just convenient cheats. Console commands are usually left in when the developer is worried about their game being extremely buggy as well, no shock that Bethesda left theirs in most of their games lmao

  9. the bad things about gta 5 cheats is not having stuff like cars can fly, boats can fly, and cars can drive on water

  10. rage 2 had some funny ones,always running around with He´s on fire activated.i also do agree about doom eternal having nice collectibles.

  11. Any Bethesda game without console commands is unplayable. I've had vital characters disappear or glitch out and the only way to progress was with console commands to bring them back

  12. The virgin multiplayer cheater
    Sucks really bad at the game
    Too lazy to get good at the game
    Probably pisses his bed due to nightmares

    T H E C H A D S I N G L E P L A Y E R C H E A T E R
    has completed most or all of the game
    Absolute bro
    Plays fair and square in multiplayer
    Can predict nightmares and force them out of his head by sheer willpower alone

  13. Gta 5 is nt a modern game, it was released back in 2013 bruh, jst coz its still milked dont make it new

  14. Its ironic that R* loves cheats…. And stealing and killing… But but but no one cheats in online right? And if they're game is 7+ years old they just don't care right? Nope and you could actually just straight up hack with multiple accounts. But they will reset a few million players for a community $ glitch……………………..

  15. ps4 or ps5 would never surpass the xbox for rich people like me, playstation is cheaper because is for the poorasses also pc is for sweatytryhard who are fattys

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