Windows Game Hacking with Ghidra and Cheat Engine

We are going to learn basic game hacking on Windows with Cheat Engine and Ghidra.

Pwn Adventure 3 Playlist:

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  1. i tried using cheat engine on sonic mania recently, i managed to edit my ring count and whether or not i had a blue ring

  2. Bro , youre amazing , now ik how to use cheatengine on basics youre such a legend , New Subscriber!

  3. THANKS SIR sir i watch ur all videos and like and subscribe your channel ,
    i have a online mobile game name is LUDOKING this is a Board game its small size 50 mb only ..problem is i like to
    use old version 2.9 this apps always …but now new version update in this apps
    game… but still i know how to use old version of this game ..i success to use
    this old version of this game without any problem .. but problem is when i try
    to play with my family or friends online when i invite them or they invite me by
    private room code .then its Error message i got ..ROOMCODE NOT FOUND BECAUSE VERSION
    MISMATCH i cant join that player online and my family member please give me any solution
    can i play with in my old version to new version friend or online player
    because they now already update in new version and i use still old version 2.9..
    Because i dont want update..
    please i need your help sir

  4. It's impressive how you are able to do really advanced stuff, but still think back to a beginner's point of view. There a many people out there who want to throw out free tutorials, but they are loosing their audience sooner or later with dozen of fast steps that are familiar and boring to them, but hard to understand for those who never did this before.

  5. Well, there are more and better game-specific tools for Windows because there are more games for windows / more people that play games on Windows ….

  6. OMG i remember doing this for Kingdoms of amalor when i was younger. I didn't think it would be considered hacking

  7. how to find graphical effects in game, or screen space shader and POST PROCESSES for disable or change. please.

  8. The first time I discovered the hex editor and cheat engine in CWCheat on my modded PSP shaped my future 😛
    That might sound silly, but just messing around with that, I self-taught myself so many low level concepts. I cheated the system, haha

  9. i also learn from stephen chapman and guided hacking. And now i'm learning a lot from you thanks a lot ;)) i'm a novice hacker.

  10. I think that one of the reasons hacking and reversing tools are so developed on windows is because basically everything there is proprietary. On Linux, if you want to figure stuff out, you read the source code. Also, gaming on Linux has only recently become more popular.

  11. "4:29"
    If someone need something simply try
    Its cool for everyone!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකි

  12. @liveoverflow You can try analyzing how online game hacks work (like on the popular games out there) and make a vid. on how it is done and the security measures taken on that…

  13. Your PSA in this video is meaningless and you know it. Many game hackers are looking to do this for $$$ and to sell the ability to others to gain a competitive advantage in online gaming. Saying that is not so is just delusional. I do not condone nor encourage this. Merely stating the truth.

  14. Isn't it simpler to get a job developing games first? That way, you don't have to play "trial and error" for every single variable in a PC game.


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