1. Lol my friends are all hcking on roblox using the krnl or the Electron its very annoying because they just ruin the whole point of the game

  2. I don’t get achievers frl, it’s just sad and disent make sense like wtf is going on in your head to end up there

  3. You overlooked the people that cheat for profit. They earn in game currency and sell to players for real world cash. Players buying from these traders could also be considered cheaters. Their motive is low in time but high in cash. They want to be on a level playing field without putting in the time.

  4. the real question is where am i, and why do i have a gun in my hand, and why can't i open the door to my neighbours house, and why aren't the voices in my head stopping, and why is the police coming

  5. This was more unpleasing than it did make informant. Honestly, if you're not gonna make the world better. Than why post a video? I know you tried to say that it was wrong. But you also tried to put it onto those who take offense to it and those who are the victims of this… So disgusting…

  6. Its simple, video game companies, encourage cheating , with class imbalance. So players respond by cheating, then other players cheat to keep up. Gaming companies want less cheating stop having class imbalances or major money imbalnces in games. This also leads to rwt.

  7. I was playing rec room and someone was clipping through the ground because he couldn't win without it

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