Warzone Hackers Now ENDING Games

If Warzone hacking wasn’t bad enough, now hackers can simply end the games whenever they want, at least it gives everyone the win.

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  1. Warzone became a swap full of cheaters, and activision making money by selling hacks. Think about it there is no anti cheat why?

  2. Why is it everytime I go on paladins the game there's someone that picks tigerus and they pick it everytime I do cus that's what I pick 1st every time I go on , I think they can hack by putting them selves in a lobby. I had this guy gnu on xb 1 along time ago load me into a game on halo into a completely different game that I was playing I had games where they put nickmatt in my lobby like my friend Matt it's crazy because they control they lobbies

  3. Need to create two servers.. one open… and one you must fill out an application to be able to play on.

  4. Something like this happened to me and my buddies on Warzone it timed everyone out except for me and like 20 other people
    I think it didn’t time me out because I use a VPN
    Also they lost connection to discord besides me as well

  5. Make it so that pc players can only play with pc players and console can only play with console Xbox and ps together. There problem solved.

  6. If this is an actual hack, and not some in game glitch, and Activision doesn't actually put out any anticheat support; the game is officially dead.

  7. If only they had made billions of dollars off this game that they could reinvest into it…. too bad its such a small team!

  8. Honestly the best way to stop hackers is to just not let pc players play the game! At this point it’s the only way!

  9. Console players should be allowed to just play with Xbox and ps4 players only! Pc players ruin everything because of their hacking and cheats!

  10. War zone is filled with campers and cheaters! Everyone should just stop playing! Until they fix this shitty game!

  11. I really don’t think it’s hackers! The same thing happened me in a game of plunder with crossplay disabled. It’s probably just the latest bug

  12. warzone isnt fun anyways thats what yall get for making such a trash game popular and taking away from cod

  13. yeah today some mw tdm ended weiiirdly haha. still… battlefield was best cheaters. they could teleport you places an knife ya, fly in the air invis and ressurect whole teams xD i prefer these hacks to wallhacks and aimbots though

  14. I had something similar happen to my squad I got a hacker weak my friend killed him once I died and after we killed him the game started laggin bad and then we all got disconnected from server

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