Top Ten Upcoming Mobile Hack and Slash & ARPG Games 2020 | SKYLENT

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  1. Hey broo, good content.. but showing the titles of these games throughout the gameplay would be helpful.

  2. yes, we all have Cell Phones, they are really strong and they get really really hot when you play games… not to mention how awkward is to play in a public place…

  3. Why is there a bazillion commercials in your video. I'm 11 minutes accidentally hit forward and came back and I'm 5 or six commercials deep already. I kind of don't want to even watch anymore if there are more commercials.

  4. Zelda Breath of the Wild is a boring, shrine collecting simulator, you can't level up, there is no skill tree system, every weapon is fragile and breaks without any effort, a big empty map filled with a whole bunch of nothing, it's childish, and the art style is ugly, the story is the same old generic '' save the princess'' crap it's always been for the past 30 years.. Genshin Impact looks interesting.

  5. A device is yet to be invented that could measure my level of interest in all things Warhammer…and mobil gaming! ;-p
    Happy NY Sky…only 54 days to Lent! 😉 Any only 6 more before I will never again be 54 :(.

  6. The problem with dragon nest pc in the West was the poor thought monetization system, P2W AF, by gameforge, the destroyer of MMO's.

  7. Hi Skylent! Bro can you make top 10 Android 2020 grinding,no auto,Hack n Slash beta games that has Google lader system?

  8. The only thing that's keeping me from accepting mobile as a fully capable gaming platform is the controls (and the fact that it drains the battery on a device also used for communication). I've been tempted to try out some of those controllers for Android, but I do not trust they have the responsiveness and reliability I'm used to with PC USB controllers. Does anyone have any experience with those?

  9. Hi, Skylent, I follow you sinse the beginning. Honestly I feel that you put so much effort on your content trying to reach more people but not getting the proper answer. Hope this year you get more recognition on your work.

  10. For Cat Quest 2, it's already playable but you can't directly buy it(I played it a bit via Apple Arcade to find that the game while fun did not justify a freaking subscription as I need something that really impress me for that)….Castlevania:Grimoire of Souls is available here in Canada so not upcoming for us(anyone know if it could be worth trying again), World of Dragon Nest have autoplay…surprising no one..sigh looked promising for a few seconds then nope that made for lazy idiots button is there….and pay2win will be a certainty,I'm worried Diablo;Immortal will be pay2win and play itself, I'm hyped for POE mobile as I have hope that it won't be pay2win or play itself, Warhammer:Odyssey still having no trailer of proper gameplay is getting worrying that it's yet another reskinned red dot simulator aka play itself or extremely shallow, Genshin Impact will definitely get played unless it get clear it's pay2win.

    I know I'm highly unoptimistic about mobile games but so many of them are garbage so for me to be hyped for one, it would need proof that it's worth playing, saw way too many games that played themselves on there and hideous slot machines disguised as games full of pay2win.

  11. Hey Skylent, this is the second time I've noticed you haven't done your homework. And it's on something this big and popular that it's not easy to miss. The Path of Exile mobile IS NOT a port! It's been built from zero again to work on mobiles.(I say from zero but ofcourse they have assets they can use from the main game) They have reworked a lot of stuff to go with mobile gaming. I'm beginning to feel I shouldn't trust the information you're giving from now on.

  12. I feel like mobile games do get a little more hate than they deserve. Mobile really does have a lot of potential and there are some solid titles on mobile already. The biggest obstacle though is probably still monetization which many mobile games still struggle with.

    Personally, I feel that strategy games have a lot of room to grow on the mobile platform.

  13. Any chance for "is it worth playing ESO in 2020?" video anytime soon? I believe ESO is going to announce its new expansion in January.

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