TOP 15 HACK & SLASH Games on Nintendo Switch !

This video is about top 15 HACK & SLASH games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  2. Seems a bit cheap to have 2 Darksiders games and 2 Bayonetta games on the list, effectively shortening it to the top 13

  3. Dude Warriors Orochi; Fate/extella; Fire Emblem; Hyrule Warriors; Dynasty Warriors( That is the most Famous one) are all MUSOU game, not Hack n' Slash

  4. Devil may cry 3 Special Edition is on the Switch (it also has style switching from the newer games)!

  5. I thought of diablo 3 as one of the best games, even outside this genre.
    It scores a solid 4.5/5 or 9 to 10/10 on pretty much all sites too with the exception of 1 where it gets a 8.5/10

    Seems like a must have on this list for sure

  6. Lmfao Darksiders 2 is so trash for good reason fun fact the game was so bad it pretty much destroyed the company and they filed for bankruptcy it sold poorly and i understand

  7. Hack'n slash = diablo, path of exil, torchlight, grim dawn, titan quest … and not action game and musso …

  8. I like the effort and all but please try not to sound like you're reading the back of the box. I'd rather hear your personal opinion so I can compare and contrast my stance on a game and decide whether to buy it or not.

  9. Personaly woudlnt mind seeing more games like the first 2 darksiders and even some god of war or devil may cry style games. Im playing god of war again and makes me wish had more good action adventure fantasy games with good blend of combat and gameplay mechanics, semi-open to open world mechanics, puzzle solving, and good story telling

  10. Astral Chains story is not underwhelming in the least. Its inventive, and fresh. I enjoy every second i play it.

  11. from that list I have fire emblem warriors, bayonetta 1 and 2 and astral chain. I'd recomend marvel ultimate alliance 3. It;s essentially like a marvel warriors game as made by team ninja.

  12. Ma la sapete la differenza tra hack & slash e muso no perché su 15 posizioni 4 sono hack & slash e gli altri sono muso

  13. Onimusha was harder because of the fix camera to me than Nioh or the awesome beta of Nioh 2 but might pick up it and DMC 1 and 3 for my Switch lit to see them looking batter also the Darksider games are amazing and all three feel same what different one makes me thank of a Zelda title and two is more like a western inspired arpg and three is a fast paced action game that feels some what like a Platinum game.

  14. I didn't know Darksiders 1 and 2 were on the Switch! This is big news since the games seem great and fun!

    I say "seem" because sadly I haven't played them. I did play the demo for the first game and I believe for the second game too. And it was great!

  15. I wish they would have given Bayonetta the ZeroSuitSamus costume, maybe for when Bayo3 comes out. But I can not wait for Devil May Cry 3 on the Switch, I'm even more excited for when they add Style Switching

  16. Missing out on the titles that help define the genre. Makes sense if they just put a list of hack and slash titles they know, and rank it based on metacritic. But hey, i still enjoy these list vids. LOL

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