Top 10 Hack and Slash Video Games

Sharpen your weapons and prepare for battle. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Hack and Slash games. Check us out at and

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  1. Personally, Ninja Gaiden 2 is the best action game of all time, and its shocking that no action game can match Ninja Gaiden 2 yet. I play DMC, Bayonetta and GoW, but NInja Gaiden's combat is something else.

  2. I need help there is a very old hack and slash game I use to play. I'll i remember is that you had multiple playable characters and it was set in like Japanese folklore and one character was this armless skeleton with a ships steering wheel on his back

  3. NieR:Automata
    God of War
    Killer is Dead
    MGS Rising
    Ninja Gaiden
    Lollipop Chainsaw
    Bloodrayne 2
    Dark Siders

  4. Everyones like "devil may cry" but I doubt anyone has actually played metal gear rising revengence and realised the intensive story and amazing gameplay.

  5. Wtf bruh no ninja gaiden sigma 2 or gaiden 3,no dantes inferno or all other gows,no deadpool ??
    Bruh I swear if you didnt put mgrr,gow 3 and bayonetta I would have made 20 accs to dislike.

  6. God of War 3? Really??? not only is God of War far from the best hack and slash game series but number 3 isn't even the best one, I'd give the 10th spot to God of War 2

  7. My opinion is that Onimusha is the best game ever.. The only problem is that DoD was the last of the series and it was back in it could be a little behind the time now

  8. ninja gaiden black(sigma) is the best action game ever made so far. im still playing it for more than 12..13 years. battle system is simply the best ever made in video game history.

  9. Is god of war hack n slash? It's more story driven than a hack n slash. Gamers don't replay it for its combat like dmc5 and bayonetta. It's more like a linear ARPG for me.

  10. Ninja Gaiden is easily the best. I still play it to this day because of how incredibly fun and hard it is.

  11. I miss ninja gaiden games, please don't even mention that nioh was made by it's developers, the developers of ninja gaiden 3 was exactly why they absulotly butchered the franchise, f*ck them

  12. If there is no Dynasty Warriors games on your list, I will laugh at your title "Top 10 Hack and Slash Video Games". 😀

  13. Gameplay wise dmc 3 and or ngs
    But brutality and epicness wise no doubt Gow games
    (Dmc 3, Dmc4 was epic af too but with 5 it's a bit gone)

  14. "cranks the volume up to 11", nice Spinal tap reference. You need to update this countdown, though.

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