Top 10 Hack and Slash Indie Games – Hidden Gems (Part 2)

Part 1:

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📌 Games on this List 📌
Legend of Himari
Lucah: Born of a Dream
Red Obsidian Remnant
The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile
Devil Slayer – Raksasi
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

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Note: Most of Top 10 lists in this channel are arranged randomly. It is NOT arranged from good to best or vice versa. Although sometimes I arrange it based on number of reviews. The purpose is to share these games to gamers who are maybe unaware about it. 🍻😎


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  2. Thanks! Hack and Slash one of my favorite game genre 🙂
    I'm always looking for hidden gems 🙂

  3. Seriously hard to guess shooter there …hm, something NES i guess !
    Definitely i need to put it on my list of games to check out 🙂
    Checking the rest of the video now !

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