Top 10 BEST Nintendo Switch Hack & Slash Games

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For this week I focus on the Top 10 best Hack and Slash games for the Nintendo Switch as of 2020. There actually is some great hack and slash games for the Switch so I hope you enjoy!


  1. as for hellblade id say good headphones are not just recommended, but required. the voices in her head dont just haunt her, but you get clues as well from them. you can't just dismiss them. shouldn't dismiss them anyway.

  2. attack on titan 2. i never saw the anime so my only reference was the eshop.
    I got it on sale since I wasn't sure i'd love it. now im not saying this brag. its a
    stupid thing to brag about anyway. I have just over 300 full digital titles (and I'm
    not a collector.) and other rhan diablo 3 I've put more hours into playing this than
    300+ other games. it's that fun. at times it feels a bit grotesque. it's not overly
    graphic, but I wouldn't want my 10yo daughter playing it. anyway, if you like a good
    h&s game and you're not a 10yo girl then get attack on titan 2.

  3. I would like to mention One Piece Pirate Warriors, Fate/Extela Link and Blades Of Time. Cool Hack N Slash titles.

  4. Trying find good side scrolling hack and slash games, that arent just rogue likes which keep finding alot of

  5. All great games. I would have included Fury in the list although I know its a mixture of several genres but for the most part hack and slash

  6. I couldn't agree more with Astral Chain, the game is a masterpiece.
    Dead cells and Katana Zero are also amazing games

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