This Insane Hack And Slash Game Looks Absolutely Stunning

Whatever Project DT ends up being, it’s pretty clear that it’s going to have a heavy focus on fast and stylish action, and a lot of visual eye candy. This is something that we should really be expecting of any major action game at this point, but Project DT also seems to want to put its own spin on things with a darker, more somber, dystopian setting, and a focus on hand-to-hand combat as opposed to the hacking and slashing that we see in most other action games of this type.

Although hopefully the main character’s moveset does end up being expanded by alternate combat styles or maybe different weapons, what we’ve been shown so far does seem to indicate that the developer behind-the-wheel knows exactly what they’re doing and is well on their way to making a really fun action game.


  1. can you make a review video on aliens fireteam is it similar to world war z but with aliens 🤔😂

  2. Alita Batlle angle had a sword so she needs one-two and some destructible bosses would be nice.
    it looks interesting but I am going to wait until I see the final game running before I get excited.

  3. "This game looks alright, I gues-"

    Learns that the developer is a Chinese company

    "Oh fuck, nevermind!"

  4. People look down on n hack and slash games but they can be brilliant, God of War 3 and Spider-Man for example

  5. If this game has jump cancelling, im fucking on it. if it's not got jump cancelling, im still fucking on it.

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