This hack that makes your mask fit better is a game changer

It also helps prevent your glasses from fogging up.

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  1. Might want to take a quick refresher course in the importance of correct breathing and how it works……..just a suggestion,is%20expelled%20as%20we%20exhale.

  2. This is my way of wearing my surgical mask since the pandemic started..hopefully doctors suggest/teach this right way of wearing the mask..

  3. Idiots who don't understand science wear masks like good sheep. NOW wear two masks. NOW wear three masks. Morons will do it.

  4. Tried this and the tie ripped out of the side on two different masks. Love how our sick society shoves this responsibility off on the individual. MAKE BETTER MASKS you corporate assholes.

  5. All of a sudden. The cold and flu went missing! Each year, thousands die from the flu and complications of it. Especially the elders. So now, it’s called covid! It’s in the 20 dollar bill. Look for it. What a brainwash!

  6. This is not a good. It just makes a gap. Better to tie a knot in the ear loop. Also using some medical tape can improve seal and prevent fogging of glasses.

  7. Terrible hack. Less air is bad. Only the most brainwashed mouth breathers still fall for this Covid hoax.

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