Testing VIRAL Minecraft Hacks That Change The Game FOREVER!

Today we’re Testing VIRAL Minecraft Hacks That Change The Game FOREVER! These Viral Minecraft Hacks will Change the game forever i promise! What Minecraft hacks should i showcase in the next video?
Shoutout to Loverfella for the Testing Viral Minecraft Hacks series!
Loverfella – Testing Viral Tik Tok Minecraft Hacks To See If They Work –


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  1. Shark the ender men with the arrows dose work unspeakable did it he just was in the middle of the ocean not a lake

  2. My favourite one is a ender crystal you're one of my favourite YouTubers I love you shark peace out bye-bye!

  3. No I know the Enderman one works because I’ve tried it and unspeakable created a world that was only water and the ender man dodged all of them and he probably shot like 1000 arrows on the bed rock

  4. 6:56 shark you have to do that on superflat water world because, THE ENDERMAN COULD JUST TELEPORT ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have seen the glitched block befor but not done the tik tok minecraft hack. Destroy the blocks bellow it and it will move

  6. the enderman one works you just need more water around it so the enderman cant teleport away because its a further distance from land

  7. Hi shark love your vids I'm in hospital and sruggling to live this will be my last of watching you.

  8. i was the first person to discover the end crystal tnt cannon but ppl watched my friend spider667 1's vid of it but i made it he made a vid on it

  9. Shark you couldn't of place a command block and type /summon arrow. Like that is so much easier

  10. For the enderman dodging hack you did you need to be in a flat world filled with water then place one block under and on top, and then spam arrows on top block.

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