Super Mario World Hack Review – Game Over




Hack: Game Over

Author: Bad Luck Man


Carlos Alvarez (Solracxealz) Review:


Score: 92 / 100

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 9
Music: 10
Sound: N/A
Difficulty: 9
Sprites: 9
Tilt: 8
Storyboard: 9
Style: 9
Originality: 10


The hack itself makes you feel uncomfortable from the beginning.
Fortunately, that feeling is erradicated when the gameplay starts, you feel as if you were on a different
world, you don’t have that great feeling of that you are playing “Super Mario World 2” yet, just yet; but in
anyway you see completely new elements on the map, like in-game warp pipes, objects that appear only after you
beat all the enemies in the room, and even some Mario Bros. 2 enemies!
The scenarios are decently designed, so you will not face insanely weird rooms, neither hard, that’s a
moderation that is fundamental on the making of any hack, and even of any existing genre of video games.
A few things should be mentioned, though; the levels manage to get longer as you advance in the game, and the save ribbons are almost in the ending of the scenario, causing for several players to use savestates, and savestates are really artificial on any video game, they are not bad, but if you had ever played this hack on a console, you would’ve payed this minimal failure, of course, it would be an enormous failure in such case, but this detail isn’t too strong as to ruin this hack, it’s in fact, a very minimal detail.
Also, the out-of-game maps are saturated, there are too many things on a same space, that you think that this will be another disordered hack, only a little cleaning would surely fix this problem.
Getting out of the bad aspects, i would really like to stablish that this hack is very original, as a simple example, the castles, they are really complex and the path you will take to reach the boss will depend of your current ability, it’s a pretty interesting innovation, i will add.
The story is exactly as it would be in any other video game story, just a little changed, but it isn’t out of normal:
Guy goes to save princess but guy is kidnapped and taken away.
Yes, not out of normal.
Now, the title, “Game Over”, this makes you think on many stories, but as several hacks, the title has nothing to do with the game itself.
The welcome interface isn’t comfortable, not at all, specially considering that it is a still image, only showing the typical final fight, that should be fixed, together with the title, that would surely help, a lot.
Else than the out-of-game specs, the gameplay itself is awesome and comfortable, you will enjoy the hack, and that is a hack, sorry, i mean, a fact.
Well, that’s all for my part, thanks for watching, reading, rating and commenting, wait for more reviews to
come out, they will be here!
Have a great day.

And stay tuned!


  1. @TheMonkeyman227 Dude go play you freaking Call of duty and let us Old Schoolers play super mario world!

  2. @TheMonkeyman227 It's only nineteen or twenty years old. And technically this hack isn't that old because Lunar Magic, the program used to make these hacks, is less than a decade old. Besides. Super Mario World came out before I was born. And yet I play it every now and again to this day.

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