Super Mario World, but with more Dinosaurs! (Rom Hack) Part 2

Super Mario World, but with more Dinosaurs! (Rom Hack) Part 2
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✪ Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition by Bensalot
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It’s the classic game with updated graphics,additional enemies and Dinosaurs, new tricks traps and paths, updated mechanics, and all new surprises along the way. Mario and the gang have decided to take a break from adventuring only to find that there is yet another adventure to be had! It’s the same old story, Bowser kidnaps the Princess blah blah blah.

This is a re-imagining of the original game with sort of a Lucas twist. Now Dinosaur Land actually has a wide variety of Dinosaurs, Luigi is his own man and not just a color swap of his brother, Toad joins the adventure with tips and useful item stops, all new original levels, and much much more! Feel like reliving the fun of Super Mario World with some added challenge? Give this hack a whirl. It’s a BLAST FROM THE PAST!

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  1. I gotta say I love that you all appreciate this so much. I just wanna give you a heads up, there are a couple more new dinos but you gotta take the branching paths to see them shine. Graphic limitations didnt allow for too many more but there are some. The forest of illusion takes a different take on the time of the dinosaurs. Another thing is Luigi has a lot of changes from the original. Hope he gets to shine in these vids. The main idea of this whole hack is to re-present the original game but bring out the concept more. I wanted the dinosaurs to be more like animals with territorial instincts rather than enemies so i kept them out of things directly related to the koopa clan. They arent used in the valley of Bowser much. For those of you who know this game by heart, i hope you appreciate the graphic changes and nods to other mario media. And thanks for making these vids. I never thought my hack would have such a huge audience. Thank you so much for to playing my game 😉

  2. Mario: (summons a Cape Feather from a ? Block and jumps over the other orange Kumquat pipe and won't be able to go back) 😭😭😭😭

  3. The t-rex appear for the first time on the episode mama luigi in the super mario world show with another dinosaurs

  4. My favorite dinosaurs in this game are that funny triceratops-looking thing,the yellow fire-breathing dinosaur that has purple shoes,and the Tyravonosaurus rex.

  5. The Next flytys throw bombs at you so i call them bomber dinos almost just like the name of the little bomber man

  6. First i call It firino and Next one i call It lava bro cuz the are soooooooo many of them so that means they are bros

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