Super Mario World Boss Rush Rom Hack

Super Mario World Boss Rush Rom Hack
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👌 Hack by: Shuttles

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  1. This hack was pretty dang cool! Know some other hacks I should play? Put suggestions in a reply or comment. Thanks for watching! YOU ROCK.

  2. Darby, the reason that one hit on Wendy in the first battle didn't count is because Wendy was still coming up out of the ground.

  3. Hello, apologies for what is probably a noob question but how do I send you a mario level to play? My son got this game for his 6th birthdays and is playing it for the first time. He loves your videos and for each part of the level he is making he is getting excited about how hard it will be for you? If you could give it a look once its finished it would make him very happy.

    Kind regards


  4. #supermario Very interesting, creative #romhack (with difficulty levels and great gameplay too), Darby. I am very enjoyed.

  5. I love those hacks with new bosses and themes. And this hack was so cool that gave me ideas…😏😏. Loved hahaha

  6. The football one should have been later on, dev must have been such a mario master they couldn't gauge difficulty properly because it's all easy to them

  7. I am three hours late to this video, do you still read comments after 3 hours of a video being uploaded

  8. How to balance out difficulty level? Rom hacks with random inverting controls, during challenging phase are the answer!

  9. 2:27:

    Wendy's tail is very… uhhh… suggestive to say the least. Is it actually made like that in the original game or something the creator of this from hack did? 😅

  10. Can you pls play Mario's missing done right

    It's a smw Rom hack that is a normal mario game but you play as luig it's a really good Rom hack and has seven worlds with a really cool final boss fight

  11. It would be cool to see this done with the other Koopalings… even if Ludwig is the only one who doesn’t have a repeat.

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