Sonic, but rings make him FAT! – Episode 2 (Hilarious Rom Hack)

Sonic, but rings make him FAT! – Episode 2 (Hilarious Rom Hack)

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 XL is a joke hack which adds a new gameplay gimmick. The standard rings the player normally collect have been replaced by onion rings. The more onion rings the player collects the fatter he gets. As he gets fatter he gets slower, jumps shorter, and becomes unable to roll. If the player eats too many onion rings the player will die. The player can burn off the fat by running or by breaking the ? monitors found throughout the levels.

Get the hack here:
Hack by: Captain Bozo

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  1. 👉 Sonic XL Playlist:

  2. sonic talking to tails abaut the rules: so tails, none of us should colletc rings because I am gonna get fat until I have a heart attack.
    Tails:hmmmmmmmmm M M M M M M…… okay.
    in the level tails: collects every ring in existence
    tails in his mind: die you fat beach!

  3. Hey blue television games my name is Ormond and i'm a fan and i play games and soprise😀 i have the nintendoDS.

  4. Awesome
    Anyone watching at 4 40 in the morning?
    also, imagine getting jackpot in casino night, THAT'S WORSE THAN 3 EGGMEN

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