Sonic, but he's really really small! – Sonic 1 Rom Hack

Sonic, but he’s really really small! – Sonic 1 Rom Hack

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Sonic Mini is a rom hack of Sonic the hedgehog 1 that makes Sonic really small. In addition to his new size, Sonic’s attacks do less damage. Badniks and Bosses will take twice as many hits to destroy.
Get the hack here:
Hack by: JcFerggy

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  1. 👉 BTG Sonic Rom Hack playlist:

  2. If you don't want your lives crushed don't read this

    The title screen in sonic 1 is 1 pixel of to the left side

  3. Well this isn’t the first time we saw sonic at this size. metallic madness zone in sonic cd. Sorry for my sonic nerd self

  4. Why don't monitors break in two hits but enemies take two? That is one problem for you.That's no good!

  5. trick for star light zone boss fight:
    1.wait for him to drop spiky
    2.wait for him to get to the farthest see saw from you (I choose right)
    3.fling spiky in the air
    4.go to opposite side of the spiky gonna land
    5. you will get flung in the air when it lands and it will put you in a ball form
    6. hit him

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