POWERPOINT GAME DESIGN HACK // Using the Change Picture command

In this video I talk about PowerPoint’s Change Picture command and how to use it to its maximum capabilities when making a game for your classroom.

This video is part of my “Tay’s Tips” vlog/blog series featured on my website In each video/blog post, I offer PowerPoint design tips or tutorials on how to level up your teaching materials.



  1. hey I graduated elementary school 20 years ago in S.Korea and I saw your awesome videos. my first thought is: 'whoa.. if I had a english teacher like her when I was young, I would be better at english now…' still i'm not good at english so I envy the kids in your videos. they had a really talented teacher.
    I really enjoying your video and your gorgious smile. subscribed.

  2. 웃는모습이 참 천사같네요 한국에서 좋은 추억 많이 남아 가세요^^* 감사합니다 한국에 있어 주셔서

  3. 테일러 선생님을 보고있으면 행복해 집니다 따라서 입꼬리가 올라기지고 자연스럽게
    웃음이 나옵니다 행복해서 웃는게 아니고 웃어서 행복해 진다는 말이 실감납니다 ㅎㅎㅎ

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