Overview Of Every .hack Game Series | .hack Series Introduction

With the release of .hack//G.U. Last Recode and the celebration of the .hack 15th anniversary, here is an introductory overview of each .hack game series (in chronological order). If you are old or new to the series, hopefully this video helps you better understand the incredible .hack universe. I hope you all enjoy, and stay spot on!


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Music credit:
Open Your Heart – Yuki Kajiura (Bandai Namco/ Victor Entertainment)
Open Your Heart ~ Reprise – Yuki Kajiura (Bandai Namco/ Victor Entertainment)

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Twitter page with artwork (@dothackofficial):

.hack//Infection English trailer (TCSGameplay):

.hack//Fragment trailer (JoshGumballs):

.hack//G.U. E3 2005 Teaser trailer (Psxphile):

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Release Date Announcement trailer (Bandai Namco Entertainment America):

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Launch trailer (Bandai Namco Entertainment America):

.hack//Link trailer (876TV):

.hack//Beyond The World trailer (sorayugiman2):

.hack//Versus Haseo gameplay (876TV):



  1. Good video .hack the original 4 was one of if not the best rpg series I have ever played. Sadly the nostalgia cannot match feelings the game gave back them as mmorpg are a very real thing now and when these games released especially the first one mmorpg were few and far between and couldn't match the depth of the story and characters the original .hack treated us with imo.

  2. Great series, I'm hoping that we get something for the ps5, either it be remake or a new .hack. I miss this series so much

  3. Ummm English ain't my mother language sooo I didn't understand a shit of what u said I really want to know .hack series cuz I have .hack g.u vol 1 rebirth but I can't understand sorry no offense

  4. hey Teysind, sorry it has been so long since i made a comment. have you found anything else out about a new dot hack game or a remake of the first four in the first series? please let me know when you can. thanks!

  5. Wow! This .hack universe looks really intriguing. As a person who has never been aware of it before im really interested to learn more! Awesome video, you have a amazing smile! 🙂

  6. Just started with the first game on PS2. I just met Mia and I can't wait to get through the first three. Too bad that last game is so expensive.

  7. Teysind! Your hair! Finishing uni ok? By the way, I’m hoping some day in the future we can get a brand new mmo for .hack. I’ve invested the last few years in Marvel Heroes and they are shutting down next month. I need a new one! Come through .hack!!

  8. Teysind did you see that CC2 said if the demand is there they will remake the original .hack games you should make a video to try to get your fan base to head over to CC2s twitter and like and retweet Redbards tweet

  9. I has a question, so I'm watching sign and was wandering is that a completely different story from what is in the games of the new releases or does it tie in some how ?? Good video man as always

  10. Such a nice, relaxing video, especially with that music. 🙂 I love that artwork of Sakubo in the G.U. TCG! And an honorable mention for Project x Zone where .hack characters make cameo appearances. 😛

  11. That's because only the 7 games Infection to Quarantine + the 3 GU games got released out of Japan the OTHERS are all imports.

  12. dang i knew about the first two series but not all the other ones. a fighting game!? really? lol wow.

  13. Holy cow, I never released there were so many games/animes in the series! There's no way I'll ever have the time to play through these.

  14. I bought the original 4 way back for $200 but never get to play them until recently cuz of last recode. I got to say, I would never understand the story until late in the game where I found out the liminality DVD has secret documents to read that explains everything in the game. Such a complex story

    A lil note: on ps2 hack gu if you have the save files on the original game you get a special email from important characters. This doesn't happen on last recode

  15. Didn't know about the ones that were just released in Japan wish the united States an other countries got the same stuff as Japan. Lol.

  16. This video made me feel nostalgic. The first four games and the music in the background, gosh.

    Thanks !

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