Mario's Mystery Meat Episode 2 – Hilarious Super Mario World Rom Hack!

Mario’s Mystery Meat – Hilarious Super Mario World Rom Hack!

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Hack by: Eminus
👉 This hack was made for Vinny Vinesauce:

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  1. Well this might be the weirdest hack ever. Which did you like better: Diagonal Mario or Mystery Meat?

  2. So we back in the meat mine,have our tears swinging from side to side,side-side to side
    Thwimps?Oh no!

  3. I just wanted to say u and Lair always make my day better. I've been going through a lot and your videos have helped me a lot. Just thanks for being a positive energy on youtube. Thanks you Darby and Lair.

    It was all a dream…?

  5. Oh you be nice to him and give him lots of likes I’m very upset with you guys who did it like

  6. He isn't naked at the naked part, he actually is one of those weird depressed worms, and he opens his mouth when he cries

  7. Here's a secret keep on going into the incognito you can figure out the rest and if you fall in the hole you get an ending

  8. Dude I freakin love watching these kinda games where everything seems so random like you don't know what to expect next. I usually watch these kinda games from Markiplier or Jacksepticeye but I'm so glad that you guys played this. I really hope the both yours and Lair's channel will grow as big as those big YouTubers like the two I just mentioned. It's a long shot but I believe you will reach up there soon.

  9. Btg you do know that the song you like people hate it because it's from Hong Kong 98 witch everybody hates but it's ok if you like it it's ok for everyone

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