Mario Game | Best Super Mario World Hack of 2018?! [PREVIEW]

Mario Game | Super Mario World ROM Hack (SNES/Super Nintendo) | スーパーマリオワールド

Creator(s): Draconif (DragonFire6780)

Released: March 31, 2018

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  1. "ZSNES hasn't been updated since 2007, so it's highly inaccurate in this day and age."
    >>implying ZSNEShit ever WAS accurate, LOL

  2. Oh wow the song in the first level is the song from Mario’s house In Mario rpg, I think it was called “let’s try” or something? I don’t remember, but I used to play a fingerstyle Arrangement of it on guitar

  3. And of course we got tracks in this ripped straight from other games… not just Super Mario World Remixes…


  4. New Animations and smooth too *CHECK*
    "New" background musics and/or remix from Mario games *CHECK*
    BackStory that we all know… Browser "Kidnapped" Peach '-' *CHECK*
    Yeah!…. Seems to be the best hack of 2018 so far… In an so stupid giant conquest and fighting with others great hacks already showed this year, this seems to be the best so far…

  5. I cannot begin to express how much I love that it threw shade at the ppl who still think ZSNES is the best SNES emulator

  6. i just realised this hack was released on my birthday
    funny thing is that its my favorite mario hack of all time

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