Lost Ark Online Gameplay Debut Trailer Hack & Slash MMORPG

Lost Ark MMORPG English Translations + New Trailer + Subtitles (Click Below Link)

Lost Ark Online Developers Aiming for Global Market

Lost Ark Debut Trailer

Developed by Smilegate

Game Website Lost Ark Online

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  1. Sometimes, when I look at the desolate land that the mmo world is now, I come back here. It's a familiar place because it's Steparu, the first ever youtube channel I ever cared enough about to sub to, but it's also where I was hyped for the very last time about an mmo game. So I come here still, almost 7 years later, and look at the pretty game that they still haven't localized, thinking that gaming left me and my generation behind and that only time will tell if they did the right thing or not.

  2. Noldu şirket olarak komple Allah belalarını mı verdi bunların bir oyun 6 yıldır hatta daha fazla bırak tryi, eu'ya da gelmez mi ya bu saatten sonra da getirmeyin artık kendi oyunumuzu kendimiz mi yapalım onu mu istiyorsunuz

  3. 6 yrs later, still waiting. Even youtube got tired of waiting and it is recommending me this video for like the 3rd or 4th time lol.

    So close, yet so far. :pepesad:

  4. after season 2 on KR server, this game changes much better than season 1(after release). also 6 new classes r already come out. means EU&NA version of this game is gonna freakin make me lose my mind. when DAFUQ DOES IT COME????????

  5. In 2014, I've graduated from college and moved to a country on the opposite side of the globe. I've known new people, I've had multiple careers, started and ended relationship multiple times, many of my family members have passed away. I've grown to understand things parents say and do, I've attended many of my childhood best friends' weddings.
    Suddenly I remembered: "I think there's a game called Lost Ark that's supposed to come out, I told my friends about it and we were gonna play it together."
    "…but wait, wasn't I in college when I did that? That was 6 years ago though."
    opens up Youtube

  6. Smilegate said this is not coming to the west. So even if they change their mind, it will be 5 years before it gets here. It took Astellia 7 years right? By the time it gets here, nobody will care anymore. And I don't speak Russian.

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