Let's Hack The NES Classic Edition – 600+ Games (Update hakchi2 2.11)

‪The new Hakchi2.11 for NES Classic supports 600+ games, folders, new mappers, and more.

Join me as I add a few games to my NES Classic Edition.

Original Reddit Thread:

Download link:

Emulator supports mappers: 0 (NROM), 1 (MMC1), 2 (UxROM), 3 (CNROM), 4 (MMC3), 5 (MMC5), 7 (AxROM), 9 (MMC2), 10 (MMC4), 86, 88, 95 and 206

Please do not ask if I can supply ROMs. Google “NES complete rom set” to find what you need. Thanks

Plug in NES Classic via USB to computer. Hold RESET, then power on the system. Once you hear that windows has recognized a USB device, let go of RESET. Install drivers included in Hakchi2.zip under the drivers folder. If the driver install does not work, try Zadig ( The first time loading up hakchi2 you will have to dump and reup the kernel. After this hit ‘Add more games’ to add roms. Highlight each rom and hit ‘Google’ to add cover art. Once you have the games added that you want on the console hit ‘Upload selected games to NES Mini’. If you uncheck ‘Original 30 games’, and add them manually, you will actually be able to add more games. Once hakchi2 is done, wait for the power light on the console to go off, then power cycle. Good luck!

Global Command Line Arguments:

Followup gameplay video
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  1. I will be making a new Hakchi 2.13e tutorial this weekend. There are a lot of new features to be excited about!

  2. HELP. I tried using Hakchi 2.11 and every time I tried dumping the kernel, the power light would come back on and I kept getting the error message at the same point that read "Could not write to pipe"

    I tired downloading the newer version Hakchi 2.16 and it still freezes at the exact point but now the message reads "Can't write to USB"


  3. hi I keep getting an error that says the system cannot find the specified file please try again. (when I try uploading the custom kernel) please help!

  4. when I try to sync the games it says "the system cannot find the file specified" how do I get around that?

  5. Mine starts by refusing to sync & something is missing so driver will install….I think it's the laptop my using everything else has happened….got hitachi to show,figured how to get roms & add to list….very frustrating,should I prob try newer PC ?

  6. question! i updated one nes classic with 150 games worked fine, i tried to connect another different nes classic unit, my friends and add the games, its says complete but the games don't show on the second console upon starting , what do i need to do?

  7. Very nicely done video and so far the best tutorial i have found. Thanks! I have a small question. Everything worked fine but i found out that now I have 2 set of roms of those original 30 games. If i want to remove those extra roms, do i have to just uncheck that "30 original games" tab and flash nes mini again?

  8. When I go through this process, at the very end, the NES classic light just blinks as opposed to turning off when it's ok to cycle. If I just unplug it and test it out, the device is a brick until I flash the original kernel. Any ideas?

  9. So if we load up say 600 games, how many save states approximately would we have? Thanks for this easy to follow video! i successfully put 664 games on my Nes!

  10. i"ve downloaded the hakchi2 and it all comes up on the computer except the games. How do you get the game files?????

  11. I have the 2.11 version and I'm getting the black screen C8 error after saving three save states. I have the original 30 +49 for 79 games total.

    Are you just not using save states?

  12. First of all, I gotta say THANKS A MILLION for what you do!! That is done WAY too seldom for the benefit people get from it. Scenario: I added games to my mini using hakchi2 v2.05b and have priceless savestates on said games. Question: If I now use v2.11 and have to add the games to that program all over again, will I lose those previous savestates once I use the new version on my mini??

  13. Trying to do a new system for someone. Going thru all the steps and it says it's uploading Kernel etc but the games are not loading on. When I boot up the system all I see are the original 30. Any ideas??? Thx in advance for your response.

  14. When I downloaded hakchi2 there was no folder with the game ROMS.  Where do you get the ROMS?

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