Learn how to ROM hack GameBoy games and edit the graphics!

In this tutorial we will look at how to hack commercial GameBoy games and change the graphics to whatever we want. Follow and long and start your own creation today.

Super Pika Land –

Want to go further and start writing your own games? It’s not as hard as you might think especial with our tutorial series



  1. I am new to hacking and would like to create one. What advice would you give me? I will probably orient myself on a Gameboy game (shmup).
    Thank you ! Merci d'avance.

  2. How does this work for Pokémon RBY? As the sprites are compressed, it's impossible to see them or edit them in this program.
    Is it possible to import .bin files for sprites?

  3. I'm trying to use this for to make an pokemon romhack but the sprites are all jumbled to matter how far I look. Any help?

  4. Awesome. This works for original Gameboy Games. How do I do a hack Gameboy Color or Gameboy Advance Game?? I want to hack Metroid and some GBA games. And I don’t know how. Please help??

  5. Nice. But how do i hack so i can change not only some graphic or sounds but the behavior of the game itself? like, if i want in Pokemon FireRed, to be able to chose the 4th pokemon , a pikachu , and stuff like that.

  6. tell me with truth.. please reply to this! I want this thing so bad.
    does this give you viruses? any?!?! please tell me as quick as
    you can because I really, really, REALLY! want this it is my dream
    to hack games.. -dorky luigi

  7. Can I literally change a game? I have a random gba game, and I want to change it in pokemon sapphire. How do I do?

  8. My YY-CHR seems to be in unrecognized Japanese, and I can't find how to change the language. Did you have this problem too? Could you please help? The software is terrific and rather intuitive, but I'm trying to do some finer tuning (specifically: I'd like to change the numbers and letters used in the Tetris GameBoy game, and I can't find these anywhere in the ROM) and need to be able to read the menus… Thanks!

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