Kirby Air Ride Hack – Longer City Trial Games [Download Link Inside]

Download this mod here:

Now available as a Gecko code!
$Unlock City Trial Limit [MagicScrumpy]
C201F578 00000001
2C000063 00000000
C201F540 00000001
2C000001 00000000
C201F548 00000001
39000063 00000000
C201F580 00000001
39000001 00000000

Thanks for tuning in! I know I normally upload Smash videos, but I also mod other games, and I might start showcasing mods for those games on this channel too. Anyway, I hope you guys like this mod! 😀


  1. Scrumpy I love you and if you survive long enough I will give you my 1st daughter in marriage when she's eighteen years of age.

  2. well, mod and gecko code dosn't work for me and don't tell me that's only for USA and not europe ._.

  3. Please make other City Trial maps? Maybe theres a way to make air ride or top ride a city trial mode with a different map?

  4. Is there a good explanation of how to install these mods onto gamefiles? I use Letterbomb to load games via Nintendont

  5. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for a this cheat specifically, the 7 minute time was just way too dang short.

  6. i put the gecko code in and it wont work after enabling cheats in dolphin and editing config and saving, any answers to the issue I am encountering

  7. If the technology were advanced enough, you could even make custom stars all together; that'd be pretty fun.

    There could also be edits to things like Kirby, Meta Knight and Dedede colors (so the world can pick their mirror edgy counterparts, mainly)

  8. Chances for a rebalance patch? How far is modding in this game, anyway. Custom tracks would be nice but one can dream.

  9. im loving seeing improvement mods for this game. i wonder how far mods already are for this game or if theres a place to just look at all the mods for it.

  10. Thank you so much for this mod! My brother and I still find time to play this game when we can. It's a dream come true that the time limit can finally be increased! Is it possible that mods such as custom maps are doable?

  11. Bruh you're a king Kirby air ride is why I subbed to this acc and while I love your smash videos, I would be estatic if you did more air ride mods

  12. lol this is amazing 😛 usually id just use the debug menu to add more time to a match cause 7 minutes must isnt alot to strategize. :3 this is so much easier to do that xD so ty. hope theres more kirby air ride stuff in the future. :3

  13. If my pc can run melee but not fzero am I able to run this?
    if you need specs:
    gpu- R9 285
    Cpu – amd fx-4350 @ 4.2ghz
    16 gigs of ram (but i can only use 8)

  14. Hey Scrumpy, would you put your "viable melee" mods into a public tourney? You know, to spice up things other than Fox and Marth?

  15. Oh thank goodness. I never liked that restriction in Air Ride. 7 minutes never felt like enough time to go through a bunch of events and things. Sometimes nothing would happen during those entire 7 minutes!

  16. Could you buff Zelda CDI? From watching the Grumps play it, it seems like there are a lot of problems that could be easily fixed such as enemies spawning out of nowhere, your sword having bad hitboxes, and, most of all, bad platforming. Hopefully, you can show what the game could have been.

  17. Is it possible to do the same type of modding you do in melee for smash 4? Like changing frame data and hitboxes and stuff?

  18. I just want this in my life
    -Option to play as DeDeDe or Meta Knight in City Trial outside of Free Run
    -Flight Warp Star being a random drop in City Trial or being able to use it in Air Ride
    -Hydra and Dragoon in Air Ride
    -Most importantly, get creative Scrumps

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