1. hey man, i tried to do battle stage 6 but it crashed and when i try to open it it keeps crashing helo

  2. hey ummmmm plz answer ik its been a while but it keeps kicking me out after i finished hacking it wont let meopen the game

  3. can you help me please to make it …??? ive triedit but i dont know why …but it doesnt works for me…

  4. Dose It Atcually Take Real Money When You Buy Packs ( Dose It Take Real Money Out Of Your Account Basically)

  5. '01:47' if you need alot of resources in this game just search in google game450co there is instruction 😍

  6. '01:30' Yo, if you need working method just search in google for game450co for the only working method 😀

  7. “I’m not gonna make a 10 minute video of how I hack”
    proceeds to make a 10 minute video of how he hacks

  8. is there any way to hack on iPhone besides lucky patcher any way of using it to actually hack on iOS

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