How to Mod Atgames Legends Pinball Control Deck to Play Vertical Games

New Atgames Legends Ultimate Pinball Accessory 6 button trackball joystick control deck.

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  1. No thanks mate pinball on a pinball machine that is all. I've waited all this time for the my AGLP and now that I have it I'm not mucking around with it to play some games I can play on my AGUL. Besides I can play V. games on my AGLM when it arrives in May. Joystick on a pinball table? NEIN.

  2. I haven't play that games before, But when i see it, I think i want to play Legends Pinball Control too and thanks for sharing your video
    And Please support my YouTube Channel too, Thank you 💗

  3. so are the exciters both firing at once or is it side sensitive ,left and right flipper,, and is there only two in the machine??

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