How to make your own Script/hack In any game! (AHK Tutorial)

This video will show how do the script works.
AHK Download Link:
AHK KeyLists:
Notepad ++:

Don’t worry, it won’t get you VAC ban.


  1. THANKS sir i watch ur all videos and like and subscribe your channel ,
    i have a online mobile game name is LUDOKING this is a Board game its small size 50 mb only ..problem is i like to
    use old version 2.9 this apps always …but now new version update in this apps
    game… but still i know how to use old version of this game ..i success to use
    this old version of this game without any problem .. but problem is when i try
    to play with my family or friends online when i invite them or they invite me by
    private room code .then its Error message i got ..ROOMCODE NOT FOUND BECAUSE VERSION
    MISMATCH i cant join that player online and my family member please give me any solution
    can i play with in my old version to new version friend or online player
    because they now already update in new version and i use still old version 2.9..
    Because i dont want update..
    please i need your help sir

  2. Hello, I want to ask you 2 questions in the Autohotkey program, is it possible to do them?

    1. Detect only "uppercase or lowercase" letters that I have entered in Autohotkey!
    2. Installing 2 different features on the same key, for example; When I press the "L" key while using a program, it should make "ctrl + L", then when I come to the search part of the program it should write "L" when I press "L"!

    Thank you..

  3. I can't stop thanking berg_tech_hack on IG for what he did to me and colleague!! I am forever grateful 🤧🤧 I bless the day I found you🙌🏼🙏🏼 He is so real!! He is the Genuine Man for this job ☝🏼❗❗..

  4. can make a script for me premade?, "shoot, keyboard stroke (2) shoot, keyboard stroke (1) repeat 11 times?, like a switcher for dual shot guns?

  5. I’m trying to make a script where when I hold e instead of holding it, the script would spam the e button really fast instead of holding the e button… please help

  6. Love you bro thanks bro I don't know to use auto hot key but seeing your video I learned all key thanks bro.

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