How To Make An Internal Hack For ANY GAME (C++ 2020) Part 1

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Detours library that I used:
DirectX SDK:

In this video I show how to make an internal hack for any game using DirectX9 and imgui to render a menu and chams. I hook functions using the vtable and steal the game’s d3d device to render things like the menu and wallhacks. This is a simple series for beginners and intermediate skills in game hacking in C++ 2019.


  1. The function GetD3D9Device doesn't work properly in this video, I fixed the code in part 3 the last episode I posted, so copy the function from that video. This is the reason why when you inject you aren't getting a message box, etc.

  2. Damn good guide man can you do one for direct x 10 or 11 I know it's a little more involved but its be a really awesome guide

  3. I got this:
    language function 'simplified static assertion' requires compiler flag '/ std: c ++ 17'
    do u know how to fix it? im using vs 2017

  4. Can you make a hack for warzone just something like run fast fast movement like fast swap weapon something like that ?

  5. Great video! I have a question though, when i download the detours I don't have that same release folder as you. I'm downloading it off of that same link, however it just doesn't contain it. Any help is appreciated! Thank you 🙂

  6. Hey, insane video! Do these hacks work also on iOS, and if yes, how can i activate them? Do i have to install jailbreak?

  7. If you're having having difficulty in any game level all you have to do is visit _kalfman_hack on instagram and let him do he's work

  8. i got stuck at 6:55 where my #include "imgui_impl_dx9.h"

    #include "imgui_impl_win32.h" was underlined after i added everything to the directory

  9. i don't know if someone could answer to me 1 year later, but i can't find detours.lib file, i even tried to build detours in visual studio. can someone help me?

  10. THANKS SIR sir i watch ur all videos and like and subscribe your channel ,
    i have a online mobile game name is LUDOKING this is a Board game its small size 50 mb only ..problem is i like to
    use old version 2.9 this apps always …but now new version update in this apps
    game… but still i know how to use old version of this game ..i success to use
    this old version of this game without any problem .. but problem is when i try
    to play with my family or friends online when i invite them or they invite me by
    private room code .then its Error message i got ..ROOMCODE NOT FOUND BECAUSE VERSION
    MISMATCH i cant join that player online and my family member please give me any solution
    can i play with in my old version to new version friend or online player
    because they now already update in new version and i use still old version 2.9..
    Because i dont want update..
    please i need your help sir

  11. Does anyone know why I could be getting problems with uint8_t (namespace "Detours" does not have member "uint8_t")?

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