How to HACK the SNES or NES Classic in 2020…

This video goes over the most up to date method of modding your SNES or NES Classic using Hakchi2 CE.

In the video I mention you can currently purchase refurbished units from Nintendo. Here are the links:

SNES Classic:
NES Classic:

Download Link for Hakchi:

Join the Rock’in The Classics Discord here:


  1. Does anyone have a link to download all SNES roms from NA? I think there's like 721 different games.

  2. I was able to do it thanks to this video but whenever I start the console it says hakchi is there any way to fix this? Factory reset?

  3. Thanks a lot ! This video helped me out a lot today . Got a bunch of games on my new snes classic

  4. I followed your instruction but the red light stays on when I do the install/repair Kernal on my SNES and Im using the original cord. Nothing pops up to run after I switch to on, hold reset and insert cable. HELP!

  5. When I install the kernel it switches to snes Europe. I made sure was on snes USA. Do you know why it would switch to snes Europe?

  6. Quick questions, because i want to buy them all, but im not entirely sure if i should do that or just make a raspberry pi build with a 3d printed case.

    The Nes is not really problematic, as the games are very small, but the library of games available is quite extensive. 250 mb is quite restrictive.
    So you can actually plug an usb on the back with all the games? So technically you can have all the respective libraries of the games?

    And what about the cables? I saw in the reviews that the cables are too short. Any way around them? wireless would be perfect. Can it be done?

  7. tho snes doesnt have a usb plug?? How am I supposed to mod my original? Do i need to buy the cheap remake?

  8. Does this mod replace the stock emulator and replace it with some existing emu like what you use in retroarch? Would prefer to keep the unit stock, but have more roms and an extended menu to accomodate added games.

  9. When I try to run Hakchi v.3.8 it says I need .NET Framework v.4.6 to run it.

    I downloaded .NET Framework 4.6 and when I reopen Hakchi, I still get the same message.

    Any help? Thanks

  10. Can i modify Character in game Knight of the Round like Lancelot changed to Brafford or other boss?

  11. if i down load the ds core can i play gba gbc gb games as well or do i need download each seperate core? thanks!

  12. What about BIOS files like for the FDS and swapping sides? I thought RA was supposed to automatically select (on NES mini) what core to use or has that changed from the earlier mods? Is there a way to know what games have to have the stock core switched without loading every game?

  13. The games showed up on the mini but can't play them…I hit A to start then it goes right back to game select screen

  14. I got hakchi and everything setup – loaded my roms, saw them on the list. Turned off and on the console. They don't appear in the menu… How do I reconnect the SNES mini to the PC and sync these games?

  15. I've tried everything, I can't get my NES into FEL mode. Clicked power and reset together, used 3 different USB cords, and nothing happens. My screen is still on the waiting for your mini pop up

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