How to HACK NES Classic – Add NEW GAMES to NES Mini | RGT 85

The NES Classic has been hacked, and you can now add a variety of NES games to the console. This video will show you the steps to add any NES game to your NES Classic, and really open up the library of your NES Mini. It’s never been easier to hack your NES Mini!

Hakchi2 download:

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  1. I can't get it pass the install driver it says he's mini not found sorry press enter to exit this driver installer

  2. This is really cool I'm excited to do this with mine. There are only a few games that I actually like to play out of the original 30….

  3. Great video! I love my NES Classic. Gorgeous face and lovely voice make it all the better. <3 Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Can you move the order of the games so that maybe Castlevania 3 will be next to the other Castlevania games?

  5. Just picked one up to and bam! saw your video thanks to alexa snooping on me lmao, anywho you are da man. Gonna be adding my favs Nightmare on Elm Steet Im looking at you 🙂

  6. I just bought the 2018 NES Classic from GameStop. Does this work on the 2018 release of the NES Classic or has Nintendo change something to keep people from adding games? I don't want to brick my game system. Thanks.

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