1. This is super cool and I’m so glad it works but is there a way to make the game less laggy? My pc is able to handle much more demanding material at much higher FPS but in this it barely manages to reach 30 FPS. Does anyone know of a way to fix or improve this?

    Edit : Dude thx so much it worked soooo welll THXXXX!

  3. everything worked until I had to rebuild that app. It said, "it is impossible to get the full apk file for Jurassic World, as it it splitted using Google's android app bundle. This feature cannot be used with Jurassic World."
    do you know anything about this?

  4. does anyone know how to update the game after hacking it with lucky patch, everytime i go to google play to update it it doesnt even show the update button just shows and open and does nothing

  5. OMG IT ACTUALLY WORKED! I was confused at first since it said i still had to use money. But then i tried clicking and it worked 😀 Thank you so much man! I subscribed! <3

  6. Everything worked well, but when i run the game on bluestacks it gives me an error, saying “Disconnection: Connection to the game server lost. Please check your internet connection.” and “Retry” button. It pops up specially after roughly forty seconds have passed, so I’m unable to actually play the game. Any clue why and how to fix it?

  7. Gonna try this now, I brough a £8 bundle they charged my twice and didn’t give me anything, hope this helps relieve some pain 😂

  8. This was probably covered in the video & I just missed it but it won't let me update it, how do you fix that?

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  12. Can You make an updated video??
    Bluestacks has chaneged and i tried but i get connection errors??!?

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