Today I’m going to show you how to hack Stacker, one of the most frequent and popular arcade games. This type of game can be found in almost every arcade. This glitch will help you cheat and win every time and is 100% working if you can do it correctly.



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  1. Said this a while ago, but just in case.

    This software exploit was removed with the latest free revision chip every arcade in the country was offered. With the several arcade companies I have worked for as a tech- Each location (several hundred arcades in various malls, theaters, bowling alleys, etc…) This exploit no longer works. So unless your operator is really asleep at the switch- This has been corrected.

  2. Clickbait! If you wanna really learn how to hack stacker I have a video on my channel of me cleaning out an entire stacker of all its minor prizes. What you do is hit the start/stop button then the continue button immediately after. You hold the continue until all the prizes drop and if you keep holding it for about ten seconds then let it go and wait about a minute you will be able to continue for a major prize or select another minor prize.

  3. I love your videos they're super duper cool. I wish I could go to the arcade but I can't! You are really an arcade Warrior

  4. You should make a gaming channel and play a game called ROBLOX with millions of games one is called murder mystery 2 and there is crates but you need coins and theres some thing called ROBUX which lets you buy stuff with out waiting and you can get coins with robux and theres godly knifes there rare and the rarest are prince and stuff like that and theres a small chance of getting them but in the rare crate theres a little bit more chances to it

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