How to Hack Any Game C++ External Trainer Assault Cube 1/2

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This beginner tutorial builds on past tutorials to teach you how to make your first C++ External Trainer. Includes FindDMAAddy, GetModuleBaseAddress, GetProcId, ReadProcessMemory, WriteProcessMemory etc…

This is an essential how to mod games tutorial that you must do before moving to more difficult things. This is the official How To Hack Any Game tutorial showing external hacking methods in C++

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In this How to Hack Any Game C++ External Trainer Assault Cube 1/2 tutorial you will learn how to use advanced and elite C++ hack code to create and external trainer.

In this external hack tutorial you will gain the advanced and elite knowledge behind game memory hacking and how to hack any game on the planet. This trainer tutorial will show you elite and advance C++ trainer programming techniques which will put you ahead of the majority of mediocre gamers that you play against on a daily basis. Learning this game cheat will put you in the same league as those elite and superior game hackers who know how to hack games.

Using advanced Windows API functions such as, WriteProcessMemory(), ReadProcessMemory(), OpenProcess(), GetProcId(), you will understand the inner workings of the Windows operating system and how you can leverage the skills and knowledge to create elite game hacks and learn how to hack any game. The C++ hack code you will learn will be able to be reused in many other game hacks you develop in the future.

In this C++ trainer tutorial you will learn the following:

. How to hack any game
. How to develop and understand elite C++ trainer coding techniques
. How to use advanced and elite Windows API functions
. How to create an external trainer

And much much more.

Once you complete this game hacking tutorial you will have the foundations and key understanding behind how a an external trainer works and how to hack any game. This external hack tutorial will put you in the same league as the elite game hackers you play against everyday. Guided Hacking hopes you enjoy this external trainer tutorial and the skills you develop here you go on to create even more advanced game hacking techniques. Please share this external hack tutorial with any body who you know that is on their computer game hacking journey.

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