How to hack Android Games!

I made this video since I was getting a lot of messages that were requesting I make a bunch of different hacks for android games. While I can do that.. It takes quite a bit of time, so I figured I would simply show you guys how to hack your own Android games using some nice software called GameCIH by Software Magician.

YOUR PHONE MUST BE ROOTED FOR THIS METHOD. GameCIH accesses low level memory, so root access is REQUIRED.

My Website:

Download CIH:


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  4. bro when i load game cih i get an error, the system deny to root. doese i mean i gotta reroot? or get another or what

  5. I was told about Haqable go to and i used it to hack a friend

  6. Can this work for other in-app purchases such as the edjing app? I want to get the diamond pack unlocked. I have a rooted galaxy s4.

  7. For people asking about Ayakashi (and any other text-based games), the easiest way to hack them is to use a method to get the game playing from your PC (most text app games are really just frameworks embedded as apps, so they're not too difficult to implement into a browser to communicate with a server), then it's just as easy as hacking any other browser-based game (packet sniffing / sql injection – if it was programmed by morons).

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