How to Hack and add games to your NES and SNES Classic using Hakchi CE (2019 Tutorial)


Here is the beginning of the updated tutorials for using Hakchi CE with the NES and SNES Classic! I will be redoing all my old tutorials (which can be found below) for the updates that have been made to Hakchi CE this past year. Make sure to keep stopping by for more up-to-date NES and SNES Classic tutorials!

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  1. any way to play japanese realese on the system? i want to play SMB2 The original one and Contra de Jp version has some interesting cutscenes

  2. I have a Japanese snes and I want to install the kernel from the USA one to make it American but when ever I try it just shows that my snes is still Japanese am I doing something wrong how do I make it a USA mini using hacki or is it even possible other than just adding a bunch of English roms

  3. hey Patton, again thanks for being so clear on these tutorials. should i be concerned that i can feel some heat on my SNES console? doesn't feel hot or alarmingly warm, but asking cuz it didn't feel warm on its own before. I don't really care, but wanted to know if I should be concerned / and also just wanted to get your thoughts on it.

  4. Thanks for the video I just added more snes games. So if I go back in to add nes games do I have to do the cumstom kernel again? Or I can just plug it in to my computer and it will connect??

  5. I have a hacked Nintendo switch and I recently learned that the NES and SNES Online apps on the switch use the same emulator as the SNES and NES classic. I added 290 games to the NES and SNES online app on the switch. I'm happy cause now I don't have to buy and overpriced SNES or NES classic from scalpers.

  6. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with this. This is my second attempt. I just need tetris and paperboy! 🤣😭

  7. When ever I mod my snes it acts like I haven't done anything at all when I turn on my snes classic. help

  8. Thank you, this video made it super easy!

    Question: I've tried adding a couple of games and they say something about archives when I add the games to hakchi. Then when I synchronize another window pops up and it asks me for the source and what system I'm playing on with a list provided with all of the systems. The games are added to my SNES but when I click on them I get an error message that jut says that it's not working. Any ideas?

    Thanks again!

  9. Well the debug version seemed to work better for me than the none debug for some reason sence the none debug version wouldn't work for me

  10. Hello, I know this question may have been asked many times but I'm new to this and don't want to damage my nes classic console (is a matter of "wife killing me" issue)
    Can I add snes games to my nes classic console, or does it only accept nes to nes, and snes to snes?

  11. real important fact you left out of the video is how and when to use the flash drive when you have way more games than can fit. I bought a dongle to plug flash drive in snes mini but it never works right. Like it sometimes turns on the original games only instead of the flash drive. Whats the proper dongle to buy and use when using the mini?

  12. Hey, I've noticed that if I hold L+R on my SNES controller for a second or two it crashes the console. Is there a way to deactivate this (I don't even know what it's supposed to do anyway)?

  13. Thank you very much for the help. Much appreciated now I got the games I want on my SNES and Sega Genesis.

  14. Yea I think I'm having problem with the fire wall and virus protection. I'm going to try back in a little bit

  15. Can you do a video on the SEGA Genesis mini I want to add a bunch of Sega Master System games to mine they say it will play them as well ty.

  16. I’m using the old haxchi and I can’t use the google option or download box art

  17. I used this. Worked great at first. Now I get and error whenever I try to start a game. Error C7. If problem persists, contact Nintendo. Any suggestions?

  18. lol I first tried this in 2018…still can't get it to work with these instructions, which seem good. Guess I am giving up, I am old and busy anyway. I will never play chrono trigger!

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